Do any of these sound like you?

  • I’m a dedicated mom who manages others at home and at work.
  • I’m a visionary with the willpower to go after the life I want.
  • I’m the linchpin that holds my family and my workplace together.
  • I am growing my business so successfully that my energy reserves are depleted.
  • I have a successful business and now I want to sustain the momentum.

If so, then I bet one of these sounds like you too:

  • You aren’t comfortable with putting yourself first. And this is gradually wearing into your wellness reserves.
  • You have more ideas than you have energy to make into reality. Which is driving you crazy because you can see the life you dream of so clearly.
  • You’re tired of feeling tired. But you get out of bed every day and run the world because there’s no one else around to do it.
Go after your dreams

You need the energy to go after your dreams

Your health is your greatest asset. Without vital energy to drive your vision of success, you will experience burnout. When you learn how to put yourself first even when you feel like you don’t have time for self-care, you will sustain the inner vitality that makes you so successful.

You need support

That’s why you’re here. You’re looking for a key to unlock the future you know you can build for yourself. All you need is a little guidance from someone who understands the biological reasons behind your symptoms along with the cultural pressure that have prevented you from prioritizing your own well-being so far. We’ll apply a holistic method tailored to YOUR body, mind and spirit’s way to heal, you’ll be backed throughout your transformation by a team of dedicated professionals who want you to see you succeed.

I’m so glad you found me

My name is Dr. Patricia and I’m going to blow your mind, body and spirit with a new way of thinking and being. If you’re feeling like you’re not living up to your own expectations, then it’s time for you to get out of survival mode and THRIVE.

Apply now for my Revive and Thrive Program

Unfortunately, I can’t take every client who is interested in my program. I have chosen to keep my program smaller so I can devote myself to every client. I look for highly driven women with a powerful drive to do the healing work and who aren’t afraid of investing in the help that can level them up.

When you apply, you will first answer a short series of questions. Then you will schedule a time to book a Zoom appointment with me so we can get to know each other.

After you’re accepted to my program, you will choose your package.

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